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Written by BRDuran   
Monday, 23 February 2009 18:35

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With regards to the Number Combinations

The combination of numbers will be picked automatically using quick picks, the tickets will be bought at any and/or more than one local store, then the tickets will be scanned and posted in a .pdf document on the members-only part of the website. All registered members will be able to see them with Adobe Acrobat Reader and save them to their computers as well.

With regards to Contributions and Winnings

The percentage of your contribution to buying the tickets will dictate the percentage of your winnings.

Say that you contribute $10 dollars to buying tickets (after transaction fee), and that the total contributed by the group including yours is $100, no matter how many people. Your $10 dollars represent a 10% of the total amount collected, therefore your winnings will be a 10% of the total purse.

Your winnings will be deposited to your PayPal account as soon as they become available.

With regards to Online Transactions & Fees

We use PayPal as our official online payment service provider for Credit Card, Debit Card, and within PayPal transactions. Why?

1. Transfers show up on the account almost instantly.
2. A tranfer receipt is emailed to us and to you immediately.
3. The receipt has in it your name, your address, the deposit amount, the fee amount, and our information as well.
4. We use the same mean to ID you and return your winnings.

As of February 23/2009 the fees for Credit Card, Debit Card, and within PayPal transactions were all the same, and they apply whether you are sending to me or I'm sending to you. All transactions in Canadian Currency - CAD.

  • Transaction: $0.00 CAD - $3,000.00 CAD
    Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 CAD
  • Transaction: $3,000.01 CAD - $12,000.00 CAD
    Fee: 2.5% + $0.30 CAD
  • Transaction: $12,000.01 CAD - $125,000.00 CAD
    Fee: 2.2% + $0.30 CAD
  • Transaction: > $125,000.00 CAD
    Fee: 1.9% + $0.30 CAD

Transaction fees are automatically deducted by PayPal. We do no have any control over it whatsoever. So in the instance that there's a discrepancy between what you read here and the transaction fee deducted by PayPal, the later prevails. And in case of a disagreement you should contact PayPal directly.

With regards to Refunds

Once a transfer is made, the money will go to buying tickets. However in the case that you make a mistake and send too much money, contact us before the Cut Off Date and Time and we will put on hold the whole amount.

Please make sure everything is in order before you send. Keep into account that PayPal fees are not refundable and apply both ways.

With reagards to Cut off Date and Time

The cut off date is the date of the draw and the time is 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Any transaction that arrives after 12:00pm PST will be put on hold for the next participating draw.

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